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Blackberry OS Released

Blackberry has announced the release of their new OS, Blackberry OS 6.0. Research In Motion (RIM) has published sneak peak videos online which can be found across multiple news sites highlighting how they intend to snatch away more market share from the tight grips of the Android and iPhone.

Should Children Own Phones Like Nokia Cell Phones?

It’s gotten to the point where the New York City public school system has banned them. Extended a hotly contested issue, the move forced the matter into the top with the public’s awareness: do children actually require cell phones, anyway?

Unique Features And Exquisite Facade Of The Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson “Black Diamond” collection is an advanced, highly developed and hi-tech electronic gadget. This equipment is the favorite choice of the people belonging to the aristocratic societies. At present, these handsets are not just means of communication but they are also being used for playing games and running other applications. The manufactures have left no stone unturned, while producing these cool and trendy gizmos that enhance our style statements. These trendy devices are becoming a vital part of the life of professionals. Countless prince and princess love to carry an expensive replica of these gadgets in their side pockets.

Replacement Of An IPhone Is Substantially Less Expensive

If you have ever had the handset slip away from your hand while using your iPhone you know the feeling. Your hands try to catch it and your heart skips a beat, and you watch in horror as your iPhone bounces on the floor. After you pick the phone up you see a crack in the face and everyone starts offering their condolences.

From The Digital Diary To Smartphones

Casio launched the first hand held computer in 1983 with its Casio PF-3000. The product was a plain digital diary. Psion of United Kingdom developed the first pocket computer in 1984. Called the Psion Organiser I, it consisted of a flat-file data base, calculator and clock. There was no operating system. These products opened up a new range of hand held computers that came to be called Personal Digital Assistants, palm pilots and palmtops. These products sent waves of excitement amongst consumers. The first to join by launching their own handheld computers were such companies as Apple and Palm Computing. Palm Pilot that became a popular PDA was launched at the end of 1990s. The first mobile phone to be launched with the PDA functionality was in 1996 by Nokia. This PDA, called 9000 Communicator, topped the sales chart globally. Soon smartphones, a new class of phones, made its way into the market with products such as Nokia N-Series, the RIM Blackberry and Apple iPhone.

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