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Career Paths For Accountants And CPAs

Whoa! Did you see this? This is one of the best summations of career paths for accountants and CPAs. You can look up the entire article at:

Sarbanes-Oxley Jobs

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance While accounting will be a very fast growing sector at 22% from 2008-2018, the growth in jobs for CPAs is expected to be the sector’s fastest growing niche.

Forensic Accounting Jobs

Very strong growth (22%) in the number of accountants and auditor jobs (279,400 new jobs) is expected from 2008-2018. Within that group, CPAs should have the best prospects for employment with an expected growth rate faster than that for accountants.

How To Qualify An Accountant – Choosing Your Corporate CPA – A Must Read

I was recently on a conference call with a new client and their accountant who insisted on meeting with me because he wanted to pre qualify me. After a few questions when I was setting up the call I could tell right away that this accountant was a pure amateur and was trying to look like the ‘big dog’ to his clients, being one who invites and enjoys confrontation I took on the meeting. I love negotiating and debating on topics in which I’m well versed so I knew this would be fun.

Chartered Accountants Course In India

A Chartered Accountant holds prestige in the society and earns handsomely. The role of a CA is moving away from the traditional activities of audit and tax management to becoming consultants and advisor in the true sense. After acquiring the membership one can either choose to do public practice or join any company at the public sector or private sector. Several career opportunities open up.

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