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Winding Through The Traffic And Coming Out A Winner

There are three types of motorcycles. They are the street bikes, the off-road bikes and dual purpose bikes. Street bikes are further categorized as cruisers, mopeds and scooters amongst others. The off road motorcycles are not for the roads but specifically for racing. The dual purpose motorcycles are used for racing and have also features that permit it to be used on the roads.

Motorcycle Accidents And Causes

The rate of accidents is higher in the case of motorcycles. The fatality rate is also higher with motorcycles. Most of the cases of accidents are when passenger vehicles are involved with motorcycles. Often it is found that many accidents are caused when other vehicles encroach into the path of motorcycles. The remaining accidents do not involve other vehicles. But rider error is the cause of such single vehicle accidents. These happen due to a variety of reasons such as slide-out, over-breaking, running wide or under-cornering on a curve at over speed. A few of the accidents do happen because of vehicle failure including a puncture flat. Roughly half the fatal accidents involve consumption of alcohol.

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