Buying Sports Collectibles for the College Student

NCAA merchandise sales spike when teams do well. According to Rick Van Brimmer, Ohio State’s licensing director, “Face it, some fans are fans of you because you win.” And winning translates to big dollars from the sale of sports collectibles. Everyone knows that the spirit of an NCAA team that fights for braggin’ rights with their rival college can not be matched by teams of the NFL. Their players get paid win or lose, (partially from the sale of NFL merchandise.) Also, a college game is much more exciting to watch! With everything on the line, the players seem to put their heart and soul into winning the game. They don’t seem to care how much NCAA merchandise is sold before, during, or after the game. But it does sell! Women and men enjoy having the sports collectibles from their favorite teams. And if you’re looking for a sports gift for him, NCAA merchandise is a great place to start for the college-team fan in your life.

If you go into any college dorm at Louisiana State University, chances are you will see some sports collectible with an LSU Tiger on it. Chances are greater that you will see MANY of them. Some rooms use sports collectibles as a staple in their interior decorating! And while caps and shirts are still the standard best-selling NCAA merchandise for colleges, new products like thermometers, wind chimes, and tailgating supplies with team mascots imprinted on them have come on the market in recent years. This has opened a floodgate of products that many people are deciding make great sports gifts for him… or her! So when you go into a store with NCAA merchandise, it can be overwhelming deciding what to get. It helps to start with the basics.

First of all, if your gift-receiver is a student, a lot depends on which year they are in. A freshman loves everything with the colors of their new team. Any sports collectible with their mascot, team name, fight song, or player’s names will thrill him! And since he is first starting to gather up their collection, even the most “plain” sports gift, for him, will seem novel. You also want to buy him something practical; something he can use around school. Some standards are team backpacks, equipment bags, laundry sacks, or other NCAA merchandise with the student’s name embroidered on it. An upper-classman probably has a multitude of sports collectibles already, so you might need to get a little more creative with your sports gifts for him. These students belong to student organizations and are involved in the sports scene, so get NCAA merchandise for their team that they can take with them to games to show their spirit. There are thousands of products available just to decorate their cars! Just like MLB merchandise, there are collegiate baseball team magnets for the sides of the car, license plate frames, window decals, and even flags that attach to the car!

No matter what year your student is in, you can find the right sports gift for him. There is a sports collectible out there for that special person you are looking for. These tips should help you find one that will help him decorate the dorm, make the grade, or drive in style in his college years!

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