Broadband Revolutionizes The Way We Use The Internet

Most people in the modern civilized world will have heard of Broadband and will know that it relates to the internet. But how many of you I wonder actually know what broadband means, and what it does? In basic terms broadband refers to the way that you connect up to the internet. When the internet first burst upon the public domain, we all used dial up technology, which meant that we connected our computers to the web via an ordinary telephone line. Broadband however uses a different technology than dial up, and is much faster.

With Broadband, a telephone line is not necessarily necessary. You can access the internet much quicker and not have to use your telephone line to do it if you have broadband services. No more missing phone calls because you are online or getting kicked off line because a call comes in while you are on the net.

Broadband is very much faster than dial up, and this is exactly what has made it so popular. Because of this increased speed it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, such as downloading music files and even movies. It is something called bandwidth that enables this faster speed. If you picture a water pipe, you can understand that the bigger the diameter of the pipe, the more water it will allow passing through. Broadband operates on the same principle. The bigger the broadband capacity, (normally referred to in mega bytes), the more “traffic” (electronic data) it will allow through.

In essence, broadband gives you the facility to surf the net so much quicker. Most companies sell their services by extolling the amount of bandwidth they provide. But they also play down the fact that the more people that are using the service, the slower it will be, and also, in some countries, the farther your connection point is away from the closest exchange, the slower the service can be.

Broadband services are usually oversold on the principle that that not everybody will want to surf the net at the same time, and in the great majority of instances this is true. Slowdowns because of heavy traffic are usually few and far between.

The other consideration is the way that people use the internet. The great majority of broadband customers are simply surfing the net, and they do not use anywhere near as much broadband capacity as those who transfer data, such as music files, or graphics. Data transfer typically requires 3 to 4 times more capacity than simply surfing.

Broadband has revolutionized the way that we use the internet today. Using broadband it takes only seconds or a few short minute to download songs and movies, whereas as with dial up it could literally take hours and you often get “timed out” if you try.

Whilst it is true that Broadband costs more, most people are more than happy to pay that little extra for such a fast service. It is just so much more convenient, and time saving too.

For the great majority there is only one choice; broadband! Once you have tried it out for yourself, it is extremely unlikely that you would ever consider going back to dial up again.

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