Bread Made From a Bread Machine is Different

Making bread from a bread machine is done using the same process of making bread by hand. We differentiate between the two when the mixing comes into play. The mixing, rising and baking takes place in the bread machine. By hand, mixing and kneading dough takes about ten to fifteen minutes. Using a mixer could take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, and a food processor may take 1 to 2 minutes. The time it would take a bread machine to mix would vary from the different types of bread machine models. Using a bread machine makes the hand mixing part of making bread simple.

The quality of the bread from a bread machine versus hand-made bread is generally the same. The process is different and takes longer by hand but there is barely a noticeable difference in the taste. Bread made by a bread machine is definitely different from commercially made bread. Commercial machines use a different type of yeast. The way the ingredients are mixed and how the dough is handled is definitely not the same in a commercial setting as it is at home. These two types of bread will have their own unique taste.

If you ever notice, bread that has been made at home with a bread machine is usually darker with a substantial crust. Even plain white bread has a texture that is coarse. The store bought commercially produced bread has a soft crust and a light texture. The baking pans on a bread machine have a large cross section. This causes the bread’s slices to be large like that of a soup and sandwich shop. This would make for good garlic bread or toast.

If you cannot afford a bread machine or are just simply not interested in one, the good thing is that you can do the whole process by hand. Bread kneaded by hand is a bit denser than the lighter bread kneaded by the bread machine. For years, pastries, breads and batters were all made by hand and they still can be. By hand, you would put some of the dry ingredients in a bowl. To put the wet ingredients in the middle, you would have to form a “well” and pour them in there. Using a whisk, spoon or simply just using your hand, you can mix a smooth batter. After mixing the remaining flour bits at a time, you can knead the dough on a surface lightly floured.

Mixing with a bread machine, you would pour all the wet ingredients in first then the dry ones. A bread machine has knead settings, so your bread cooks out lighter and fluffier.

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