Blackberry OS Released

Blackberry has announced the release of their new OS, Blackberry OS 6.0. Research In Motion (RIM) has published sneak peak videos online which can be found across multiple news sites highlighting how they intend to snatch away more market share from the tight grips of the Android and iPhone.

Built around the same Webkit browser engine that powers both the Android and iPhone platforms, the new OS 6.0 has a newly renovated home screen which intends to make user navigation and interface a whole lot easier catering specifically for their touch screen offering, the Blackberry Storm. Moving away from the traditional Qwerty keyboard which has faithfully served Blackberry owners for years, Blackberry seems to be taking the touch screen market more seriously, further highlighting their intention to take on the highly successful Google and Apple units.

An exciting and somewhat major addition is the inclusion of tabbed-browsing which enables all users who upgrade the ability to have multiple web pages open inside the same browser. Also the media player has been given a makeover which now features the album covers, enabling browsing between tracks which is a feature popular among the iPhone and iPod crowd.

So in a nutshell what are the enhancements you need to know about?

All Your Social Media In One Place

OS 6.0 no allows you to view all your facebook updates, tweets and text messages in one place so that you can view all your social activity with greater ease.

New Fluid Interface

All the new features link now link into the revolutionary new interface which enables the tile son the screen to ‘float’ over the top of each other which enable more efficient use of screen space. This helps you to find what you are looking for more quickly.

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry’s free messaging service is back and has been redesigned to make your conversation clearer and also allows you to attach video, images and audio to make your message much more personalised.

Simultaneous Postings

OS 6.0 allows you to post to your Messenger, Facebook and Twitter accounts all at once essentially saving you the time to login into your separate accounts and paste the same update each time.

Web Browser

You can now see web pages in full and also ‘pinch and zoom’ to see small text. Open tabs are displayed as thumbnails sitting on an attractive Coverflow-style dock, which then maximises to full screen when tapped on.

No official release date for the UK has been set, nor which handsets will be compatible however RIM have announced that OS 6.0 will be available sometime in the summer.

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