Avoid Surgery To Dissipate Kidney Stones By Implementing The Correct Kidney Stone Diet Plan

One of the most painful and debilitating conditions is the chronic formation of kidney stones. In order to prevent and dissolve most kidney stones requires the right kidney stone diet plan. However, many foods can help there are a few that will cause more pain and escalate the problem. Nephrolithiasis is the common term used when describing the extreme pain caused by kidney stones that have already formed in the kidneys. Oxalates, uric acid, and cholesterol are typically the main crystals found.

The formation of kidney stones and how it happens

It’s the accumulation or the stacking of the crystals that actually form the stones. When they do not pass through the urine, they harden and become full fledged kidney stones. If the stones are to big, it’s then when they get lodged in different places within the kidney causing major discomfort and pain. It’s very important, especially if you are predisposed to kidney stones, to stay on a strict kidney stone diet plan to avoid any type of surgery or laser therapy.

Concentrate on low fat and low salt recipes

Avoid salty foods like preserved foods and salty dishes because they are rich in sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is involved in osmotic or water balance and they could deter the excretion of crystals, which can then form stones in the kidneys. Cholesterol crystals can be formed from fatty foods. This is a good kidney stone diet plan.

Avoid internal, visceral organs and legumes

You’ll want to avoid eating foods rich in uric acid. The uric acid in these foods is what causes the formation of kidney stones to begin with. Such foods would include legumes, peas, nuts, canned sardines, cabbages, and lettuce. Concentrate on eating lean meats and other vegetables. Stay with the correct kidney stone diet plan and lower your risk for chronic kidney disease.

Be sure to consume enough water

Alcoholic and carbonated drinks retain these kidney stones and do not help in the excretion of the crystals, while water helps in excreting them. You should take in more than 8 glasses a day of water. Increased urination will help eliminate additional crystals, which may turn into stones.

If you have chronic kidney disease or stones, starting the right kidney stone diet plan is something you should consider. It’s been proven time and time again that eating the right foods will not only prevent but will eliminate the risk of future problems.

Get in charge of this disease with the right kidney diet. Find out more about kidney disease diet and a 3 step process to finally distroy this ever growing disease.

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