Authentic Thai Food Cooking Tips

If you like Thai food but do not feel you can cook it right, you are probably intimidated by the long list of ingredients. Thai food is not difficult to make if you keep in mind that all of the ingredients should be fresh. Thai cooks do not use frozen or canned foods to prepare their meals. Thailand is one country that is fortunate in having an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is always best to use fresh vegetable and fruits in making Thai food because the taste is very different; although frozen foods are probably the closest to fresh foods, they will still give your Thai dishes a taste that is different from the authentic dishes. Perhaps the best example is shredded ginger. If you do not have the proper peeler with which to make shredded ginger, which is an ingredient used in many Thai dishes, then you can use a jarred shredded ginger. However, your dish will not have the same great flavor it would have with the fresh shredded ginger.

Tip No. 1 Use Proper Equipment

You need a wok and a pot for most dishes, except dessert dishes. You will also need a mortar and pistle. These items are basic, but a good option is to have a food processor, or a blender which are good for making various pastes.

Tip No. 2 Preparation

Because authentic Thai food is mainly concerned with ingredients, it is important that you are properly prepared. The ingredients that go into a dish have to have as much preparation as the dish itself. The ingredients of some dishes may take as song as thirty minutes to prepare while the actual dish may only take fifteen minutes to cook.

Tip No. 3 Cook to suit your own taste

There are five elements to Thai cooking and they are: spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. Using these elements you have to be sure that all of your ingredients, whether fresh or not, should blend perfectly or your dish will not be good. If the dish you are making is too sweet or too sour you can usually fix it by adding water or fish sauce.

Tip No. 4 Using Coconut milk

Coconut milk is almost always used in Thai recipes. The degree of consistency in coconut milk is measured by the amount of times it is pressed, i.e. finely ground coconut is allowed to steep in warm water (avoid hot water), then it is squeezed until the coconut is dry and this is known as the first press. For the second and third press, warm water is again used to steep the coconut and it is again dried. The coconut is good for three presses and then it is thrown out.

Using these tips will help you to make your own authentic Thai dishes.

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