Are Destiny, Luck and Feng Shui Related?

It is believed that destiny has the largest impact on your environment being considered in feng shui. If it is not your destiny to be the president, then the remedies of prosperity will not put you in his league (for example). There are people who have a great destiny that is enhanced by good feng shui. Either that or they flourish in spite of their negative influences. Personally, your feng shui can shape your destiny. If your destiny is to get married, the romance remedies may speed up that process for you.

When it comes to luck or free will, there is a margin of free will. This margin can outweigh your environmental limits or even your destiny. This happens all the time actually. A kid can grow up in a poor neighborhood and defy the odds by becoming an over-achiever. Based on free will, this can likely happen. Your life can be formed and altered based on your total environment of seen and unseen influences (feng shui). A person can very well come from a good family or have good genes, or maybe they were brought up in a great feng shui upbringing. Once we are influenced by feng shui, the spiritual practices and conscious living will affect our lives. If you live with someone who takes drugs, you can still drum up enough strength within to not succumb to those forces or temptations.

Conscious living, destiny, luck and feng shui have created the person that you are. Your destiny is not something that you have a lot of control over, but the other influences can be geared toward more success and positivity. Feng shui charts an accurate course for current and future journeys and help to maximize the potential. The energy flow in our lives is always shifting. We as individuals are able to safe guard ourselves against weak periods in our lives. We can understand through feng shui how to learn what each year unfolds for us. The energy around us can change at any moment. This hour may not be as the last hours were.

The ancient Chinese saying that discusses the quality of life states that destiny is first, luck second and then feng shui. Our quality of life and our success are both affected by our knowledge of these factors. The universe includes us, and we are subject to the fixed rules of the universe. We will see a clear view of our future the more we understand the way the rules of the universe works. We will then see our life’s journey.

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