An Introduction To Cosmetic Dentistry

Ask your dentist what is the natural color of our teeth and he would say that it should be a bit yellowish. But who among us wants yellow teeth? It is the perfect white teeth that we all want because it is the key to having that perfect and alluring smile. Because we are often not satisfied with what occurs naturally in our body, including on our teeth, there has been a growing demand for the dental specialization called cosmetic dentistry. This is in addition to the usual dental procedures but geared towards beautifying our teeth.

Even if you have severely stained teeth there is no need to lose hope because there is an appropriate teeth whitening system to treat it. This is part of the many cosmetic dentistry services that have been formulated to improve the appearance of our teeth, which in turn improves how we look. When considering any treatment that falls under cosmetic dentistry, it is best that you consult with a dentist like Jonathan Hartley who specializes in it.

There is a variety of teeth whitening systems currently available. You can even see over the counter products and those that are heavily advertised on TV. But the best and safest thing to do is for you to consult your dentist as to which of these systems is best for you. One of the more common of these teeth whitening systems requires that you put a mouth guard like mold of your own teeth. It is then filled with the teeth whitening substance and you will have to wear it for a given period of time. That is why this kind of system is better used while your at home.

But before we continue, what is cosmetic dentistry in the first place? Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized field of dentistry which helps improve the teeth or the appearance of the face through the use of various dental procedures. While other people think of it as a separate specialization as compared to the typical dentistry, it is not and it is just a special field of dentistry.

Now let us return to our teeth whitening discussion. Your dentist will take initial examinations to better analyze the condition of your teeth and your mouth as a whole. Should he find that there is a health condition that should be treated first, then he will postpone the teeth whitening procedure. This is because teeth whitening is not just about brushing your teeth as it involves a bit of complicated procedures or dental analysis to determine the best approach. Dr. Jonathan Hartley follows this procedure and thoroughly adheres to the safety standards of the profession.

But remember that cosmetic dentistry is not just about teeth whitening as it also involves a myriad of other dental treatments or procedures. Some of these include braces, veneers, and dental implants. These are all for the improvement of an otherwise far from perfect set of teeth.

Should you want to go through any cosmetic dentistry procedure, keep in mind that these are often not covered by your health insurance. So if you want any of these procedures done, you will have to spend cash on it. And it often does not come cheap either. Nonetheless the reward of having a more beautiful set of teeth is truly priceless. And dentists like Dr. Jonathan Hartley are always ready to give you their professional advice.

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