American Beauty Is A Top Notch Film

One of my favorite films in recent years was American Beauty. This movie was highly acclaimed, winning five Academy Awards. These included best picture and Kevin Spacey winning Best Actor.

The story line is about a family in turmoil with everyone struggling with who they are. It is a small family consisting of a couple and their lone child, a teenage daughter. The movie chronicles their battles with each other and themselves.

Lester and Carolyn Burnham and their teenage daughter are finding themselves at odds with each other. Lester (Kevin Spacey) is fed up with work and looking for more in life. His life feels empty and he is going into a mid-life crisis.

Carolyn, who is quite the bitch, is straying from the marriage and is dissatisfied with Lester in every way. She has her own career in real estate and is a very materialistic and career driven woman. She is having an affair with a successful and married real estate man who promises to help her with her career.

Jane, their daughter, is rebelling from the fighting couple and trying to “find herself”. Her best friend is a high school hottie who everyone is after, but Jane feels unsure of herself. Even her dad has the hots for her best friend.

Lester finally cracks and quits his job. He makes a good severance deal for himself and to keep busy takes a job at the local fast food establishment. He starts smoking pot and getting back into physical shape. He has a thing for Jane’s friend Angela, but at the moment of truth decides not to pursue her.

Jane finds a boyfriend in the new kid next door, Ricky. Ricky is a strange kid with a tough family life himself. His father is a closet homosexual with a strict military background. This has left his mother as a dominated shell of a woman. Ricky sells pot, and becomes Lester’s supplier and friend.

All these issues blend into an intriguing and interesting story with a stunning ending. I won’t tell you any more so you can enjoy the movie fully. Don’t miss out on this classic film.

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