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Have you ever wanted to download movies onto your PC? Here are some of your options. Most of the time, it just requires you inserting a DVD into your DVD drive. But not all computers, especially older, are equipped with DVD drives and therefore, will not be able to play them back.

If your older computer does not have one of these drives, there are plenty of other ways to watch your movies. Movies can be downloaded on demand from several different sites on the Internet. Keep in mind that they may or may not be illegal sources of the shows, but that does not mean you cannot access them. Usually, everything you need in software form is already pre-installed on your laptop or desktop.

Illegal options sometimes include user sites where people can upload movies from their own computers, and share them with others. The problem with this is that you don’t know if these have been stolen, or if the person is knowingly or unknowingly uploading a virus. When you download the movie, you also damage your computer in the process. This is the main reason why you must agree to a harmless agreement before you can begin any downloading from the site. This prevents any future lawsuits from web users to their corporation.

More recently, brick and mortar business are starting to offer this service. Companies like Blockbuster have expanded their services to include online movies, and they can be delivered either online or through express mail. These are great options because you are paying to view them for an agreed upon amount of time, and the downloads are safe without fear of computer-crashing bugs being included.

Netflix has also joined the group of socially progressive companies and offers their movie service both online and through dish or cable. Their subscribers can have access to as many movies as they want and there are no late fees. By combining great service with convenient options, they are selling their service quite successfully.

If you would rather avoid downloading anything to your computer, you can also stream movies online. Most of the time, a video player is all that is needed, like Windows Media Player. Certainly, there are better versions of movie software out there and depending on your objective, may be more desirable to play your movies back with.

These movies may or may not be pirated, but even if they are, they are usually not discovered until after they have been viewed a time or two. The benefit of using a site like this is that no downloads are required. Streaming a movie is just letting it play on the net while you access it with your video player.

If I were going to choose one, I would no doubt subscribe to a reputable company like Netflix. With all their customer service options and access features, they are a great choice. By using their subscriber movies, it also removes the threat of contamination by virus. Many times, they sent out customer appreciation gifts that reward loyal customers as well.

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