A Way To Safely Burp A Newborn

Would you like to learn effective methods for burping your infant? Gaining knowledge about the techniques that can be used to burp babies, is something that many parents are quite interested in. Your infant will be much more content if you learn how to properly burp them.

As your baby drinks from a bottle, they gulp in air. This is why burping is necessary. The air they gulp in becomes trapped inside the baby’s tummy. Babies do not have the ability to exit this air themselves. They need your help to get the excess air out of their bodies. You have to burp them to make that happen. You provoke a burp by taking your hand and gently making taps on the baby’s back. This causes the air to come out. If you do not burp the baby, then your infant will be in a lot of distress. This can provoke colic.

You can place the baby over your shoulder and tap on the baby’s back. The bones of your shoulder can be too hard for your baby’s delicate skin. To alleviate that, you can throw a towel over your shoulder to act as cushion. Position the baby over your shoulder and support the baby’s bottom with your hand. Now use the other hand to tap the baby’s back. Keep tapping and patting until you elicit a burp from the baby. This can sometimes take a while and you may need to readjust the baby’s positioning on your shoulder.

Some babies will respond better to being positioned on your lap, rather than your shoulder. For this method, prop your infant up in a sitting position on your lap. With one hand, cup your infant’s chin while supporting their chest. In order to force the air out, softly stroke your baby’s back with a circular motion.

If this does not work, try using the belly position. Use a soft towel for cushion on your lap. Put your infant on their belly so that their head is stabilized by your leg and their stomach is stretch across your other leg. Now pat or tap baby’s back or rub circles on his back. Keep repeating this action until you get a burp from your baby.

Making sure your baby burps after each feeding is critical to overall health. If your baby is breastfeeding, then you can stop and burp each time you rotate breasts. If your baby takes a bottle, do not wait until the bottle is empty to burp. Elicit a burp after baby has consumed a few ounces.

Once a baby can sit up on his or her own, they are usually able to burp for themselves. Until then, you should help them along by burping them.

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