A guide to sports collectibles from America’s favorite pastime

In “The Game for All America” Ernie Harwell once said, “Baseball? It’s just a game – as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It’s a sport, business – and sometimes even a religion.” It’s true that baseball is as American as apple pie. But once the game is over, every sports collectibles owner wants their piece of the game. The sports collectibles associated with the major leagues are prized long after the players have left the field. We remember the games and the players by wearing the clothes of the team. So if you’re buying a sports gift for him, that man in your life, you need to know what kind of MLB merchandise is available for him to wear.

Whether shopping for a father, son, or boyfriend, when considering a sports gift for him, let’s start from the top. You might also think about a hat in your guy’s favorite team colors. The logo on the front is usually large with high quality embroidery. If you’re looking for the under-$10 range for your sports gift for him, consider an adjustable baseball cap. A visor can also be nice to have on those hot summer days. This type of MLB merchandise is pretty inexpensive. If you have a bit more, fitted caps are a bit more comfortable, and, naturally, a higher quality. These are going to run you about $20, though. For a worn-in look, some guys will wrap a baseball into the bill of the cap and leave it there for a few days. Others fray the edges so it looks “played in.” But if his sports collectible starts to smell “played in,” you can just toss it into the wash with your other clothes. (Be sure to read the tag first for special care instructions.)

Did you know that some schools, during baseball season, allow their staff to wear MLB merchandise of their favorite team? Jerseys are a great idea for sports gifts for him. A replica jersey is one that looks just like the current uniform of the team. This type of MLB merchandise can be worn at work or to the game! It buttons down in front with the team logo where a pocket should be and the name and number of a star player on the back. NFL merchandise has a similar type of jersey with a mesh-type fabric. There are also team polo shirts, for the corporate environment, and t-shirts that are authorized by MLB to be worn on the field or in the dugout. Your sports gift for him might include some of this type of wear whether he’s lounging at home or on the 9-to-5.

Although team uniform pants are usually not worn outside of sporting events, they are available as a sports gift for him, the man who has so many other sports collectibles. When you add a clubhouse shoe, sneaker, or sandal with team colors, logo, or mascot, you’ve completed the MLB merchandise look. NCAA merchandise might have the same type of apparel, but there’s nothing quite like wearing what the pros wear!

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