A Few Handy Tips To Make Hotels Feel More Like Home

Hotel rooms, while fun and exciting at first, can become cramped dreary environments for travelers on extended trips. For some, it’s difficult to fight off feelings of homesickness in a poorly lit motel. There are, however, a few tips to make Vaughan hotels feel more like home.

One simple way to combat homesickness on long business trips is to book a larger room or suite at your hotel. This will especially make a difference on longer trips. It will cost you a little extra but the additional space to stretch and move around will make you feel better about your temporary surroundings.

Purchase a few light bulbs at a store near the hotel. Lighting in a hotel, while almost always satisfactory, is often a main reason for the space feeling odd and unfamiliar. Trading out the room’s for the kind you use at home is an easy and subtle way to make the space feel more like home.

In order to make yourself more comfortable you should unpack your things immediately after arriving in the room. Hang up your clothes and jackets in the closet and tuck your socks away into drawers. Having places for your belongings will help the room feel less strange to you. You’ll feel more established and you’ll find it’s much less stressful than living out of suitcases and bags.

It’s also helpful to bring familiar things from home with you on the trip. Comfort items like a pillow, extra blanket, or house shoes won’t make you forget that you’re bunking in a motel room but they’ll help with the homesickness. You could also pack a framed picture to keep on the room’s desk or night stand. Don’t go overboard, just bring a few things to help you get through the trip.

Bringing your own toiletries to Barrie hotels is another good idea. If you have enough space in your suitcase, packing your own shampoo and soap will give you the illusion of home. There are few things more familiar than the products that you use everyday. Still that shouldn’t stop you from making souvenirs out of the hotel’s freebies.

When you reserve the room, before your trip, request one that is located away from the elevator and stairs. There’s nothing that will make you feel more less at home than the sound of strangers coming and going. If the hotel has a vending machine on each floor you may want to steer clear of that as well. If possible, request a room that is only accessible from the inside so you won’t be subjected to constant sounds of traffic.

Last but not least, you should attempt to maintain at least some of your daily routines. Living temporarily in a hotel room shouldn’t stop you from going about your normal business. Taking your morning run or stretching each night will help put you at ease. Most people tend to throw their routines out the window on vacations and business trips which may be part of the reason they wind up stressed and uncomfortable with their surroundings.

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