A Few Basic Elements of Feng Shui to Keep in Mind for Your Home

There are 5 elements of feng shui, all of which play strong roles in keeping chi balanced in a home or office space. To get that positive chi flowing in a home, one must understand the spiritual techniques of the elements as well as the yin yang concepts. One must understand the overall feng shui concept of how it relates to the home and its items. An item in the home has either yin energy or yang energy within them. One can consult with a feng shui professional or read detailed articles about each and every element that make up the concept of chinese feng shui.

Each of the elements has special properties. Water is a trickling fountain that can signal professional opportunities, communication, and wealth. Running toilet or sink water is wasting water and can signal poor health or money loss. When the energy is out of balance, problems may occur. Feng shui charms can help to balance this energy between the two. As metal elements conduct electricity, it is able to generate attention to an area. Different kinds of metals are being considered to be great because of their association to health. Some people wear bracelets made of copper, for example. Too much of metal in the space will drain the energy and destruct the space. The earth element represents stability qualities. If a place has movement all the time, this can be good. Fire is being considered to be the element that is most powerful of all of the five. It represents passion and energy in feng shui living.

The elements of feng shui are important and contribute energy individually. What’s more important – the negative or positive effect in which each element have on the other. If a room has no wood element, you cannot decorate using only feng shui charms made of wood. Water will need to be an element used also since it gives wood the ability to grow. The cycle of elements give them their compatibility. The overall total chi balance produced by the elements can be either a harmonious outcome or one with conflict. If you feel at ease, you know that you have the right combination of elements. If you feel uneasy, worried or depressed, you know that the chi is conflicted. Balanced chi will calm your nerves and bring about a feeling of peace.

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