A Feng Shui Landscape

Feng Shui, developed more than three hundred years ago is the belief by the ancient Chinese that the natural, physical as well as the astronomical energies surrounding us promote health and happiness. Feng Shui translated means wind and water. There is the understanding that everything around us is full of “chi” (energy) and with proper balance we can have prosperity and harmony.

Your landscape design reveals how you feel about life and is not just a lot of plants, trees, bushes and manicured lawn. The space outdoors is alive with energy and to channel that energy is to our advantage for the well being of ourselves and our families. Using Feng Shui to place every object in accordance with its principles will bring energized harmony that will result in a natural healing and prosperous environment.

In Feng Shui, the environment is divided into eight directions. Each has a special characteristic which can be used to the best advantage. The North is for creativity, inspiration and personal growth. Waterfall or fountain will heighten its influence; The Northeast is knowledge, wisdom and growth spiritually and earth items such as stone benches and rock gardens should be placed here; The East is for new life and rejuvenation as well as good health. Wood, plants and herbs should be placed in this direction; The Southeast represents wealth and prosperity. Use plant and trees but avoid metal; The South has opportunities and dreams and is a good place for fire such as a barbeque pit; The Southwest represents romance, marriage and motherhood. Here you place a seating arrangement and avoid trees; The West is for children’s swings, etc. fire should not be used here; The Northwest represents travel, fatherhood and trace use metal her and avoid fire.

There are other things that will help you to create a Feng Shui garden. Although water is a positive energy, avoid stagnant water. Therefore, do not build a pond but use a waterfall or water fountain instead. Plants in your garden make a difference and you should avoid planting spiky or thorny plants and keep multicolored flowers in your flower bed all year. The most important plants in your landscape should be herbs and the plants should be of a medicinal variety.

Feng Shui is the art of balance whether it be in color, placement, size or shape the elements all relate to one another and affect one another. They bring good health and harmony and balance. Remember that not just your indoor surroundings are a part of you because the land the indoors surroundings are on are also a part of you. You landscape should help you to achieve peace of mind and balance.

If there is diversity or disorganization in your life, each part of the diversity and disorganization affects some other aspect of your life. Using Feng Shui will bring everything back in balance and back to its normal state.

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