A Cursory Introduction To Chinese Gender Calendars

There are many cultures in the world where the birth of a baby boy is preferred to that of a baby girl. Even though both are equally as big a blessing from God to their parents such has been the mind set of many people and continues to be even up till today. China is one of those nations where this mind set has existed and to some extent still prevails.

There are numerous reasons that cause people to think like that. With regards to the Chinese culture it was the fact that they were an agricultural society and hence fathers needed their young lads to help them out with their daily toiling in the land and ultimately take over the job. A baby girl alternately would be brought up in a different fashion and much of her physical contribution would be limited to the boundaries of her house.

According to parents, girls were not as helpful as boys were and they therefore considered them expensive to bring up until they reached the age of marriage. They thought of boys as useful assistants and the other reason that contributed to this way of thinking in Chinese traditions was that boys were the only children who would inherit their father’s total wealth. They were eager to know the baby’s gender before the mother conceived and the Chinese invented a strange science, which claimed that it could determine whether a baby was a boy or girl.

No, it was not the ultra sound that the Chinese developed many centuries ago but the instrument developed by them was referred to as the gender calendar. This strange invention goes by many different names but the object is to predict the gender of the unborn child.

Regardless of its accuracy it is acknowledged as being the first known attempt at figuring out the sex of the baby before its birth. The roots of the gender calendar go back to over seven thousand years ago. According to Chinese historians it was a Chinese scientist who devised this calendar system and it was found buried inside a tomb located near the man’s grave.

Even though history records that the invention of the gender calendar happened seventy centuries ago, people discovered it only seven centuries ago near Beijing City. After this, people replicated this invention often but the first manuscript of the gender calendar remains in Beijing’s Institute of Science.

The Chinese government passed a resolution a few decades back that required couples to restrict the number of children to only one. As a means of encouraging the couples to do so the government initiated the use of the classic gender calendar so that expecting parents could try and find out what the gender of the baby was before its birth.

The gender calendar actually makes the prediction a long time before the woman is expected to conceive. According to Chinese statistics it is 90% accurate.

The gender calendar derives its basic scientific operations from the way the moon circles around the earth. The calendar forms a relationship between the age of the mother and the month in which conception took place and then reaches a likely conclusion based on these facts.

Chinese gender calendars have been in use for thousands of years. For more details on the birth calendar from China follow the link.

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