3 Unique Ladder Shelves To Add A Creative Touch To Your Home

If you have just moved into a new house or apartment, then you’re probably spending a lot of your free time thinking up creative ways to decorate your interior and make it our own. There are so many different ways to do this, you can make it look cozy, modern, sleek and elegant, the list is endless. Though besides making it look good you’ll also need to consider how you are going to store and display your belongings. If you are like me you may have cupboards filled with ornaments, potted plants, books, CDs, records, etc; what are you going to do with all of these things? One way to deal with the clutter is to use cupboards to hide all of your unneeded belongings away, though a much better option is to use shelves to present some of your more ornate items in a neat ordered way. The good thing about shelves is there are so numerous different shapes, sizes, styles and colors to fit your d?cor, currently the most popular kind are the ladder shelves.

Ladder shelves are a hot item at the moment, it seems like every home has one or two somewhere. So why have they become so popular? Well, besides the agreeable price tag, ladder shelves have a extremely distinct design to them. If you have in no way seen one before imagine a step ladder with shelves in place of the steps. These days this product comes in numerous new designs, some are free standing, some need to be bolted to a wall; they are also made from a variety of different materials each with its own original texture. To give you a better idea of what to expect when shopping for ladder shelves, here are 3 very unique designs to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Opus Oak Ladder Shelves – This particular ladder shelf has a slightly different look to the standard shelf, it is similar to an ‘S’ turned on its side. It has a trendy modern appeal for younger people, but is a small on the expensive side costing over $200 each. The opus shelf has 7 shelves and a height/width of 59″ x 20″, this retro looking robust oak shelf would make a good addition to any sleek interior.

2. Teak bathroom ladder shelves – This is quite a unique rustic design that fits a bathroom space; it has a movable shelf that can be put on any rung of the ladder. The down side to this product is its limited storage space, though it is much more of an ornamental piece of furniture to be used to keep toiletries or potted plants. As this item is made from teak wood and has been hand crafted it will set you back about $150, though you may be able to find a cheaper price online.

3. Double Leaning Wall Shelf – This set of ladder shelves comes in a twin design for people that need to store more belongings, but like the look of the ladder shelf. It has a total of 12 display shelves and each of them can withstand up to 65lbs, so it is very durable; this set is not a freestanding unit, it has to be bolted to the wall. It has been constructed from oak veneer with a sleek coffee colored finish, which would look great in any living room or bedroom. Because of its size, this particular piece of furniture will cost about $170 each, which is really not too poor considering its size.

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