3 Important Occasions When Plaques Of Appreciation Matter Most

Imagine a world filled with people that always said “Thank You” or “Job Well Done!” It would be nice if lived in a world like that but the sad truth is we do not. How many times have you had to deal with ungrateful people? You experience anger, rage and then sorrow in a matter of seconds. We have all felt these emotions but our greatest pain was probably being disrespected by an ungrateful person. Plaques of appreciation are designed to visibly show someone how much you value their efforts. I will share 3 tips to help you decide when to use Plaques of Appreciation for work or in your personal life. You will then be able to recognize opportunities to visibly show more respect and build positive experiences for people.

First, plaques of appreciation matter most when a key life event happens. What key life event is either celebrated or feared each year? How about the day you came into the world smiling with no anxieties about your next provision. This was your birthday and is a yearly key life event for most people. Most people treasure their birthdays and can be demanding about their gifts and their wishes you are to joyfully execute. There is really no other day in the year where you can get away with almost anything. What else could you ask for anyway that would make you feel even better? Can you imagine what the look on your face would be if your family presented a birthday plaque to you? Would you not cherish that special occasion for life?

Second, recognizing someone when they hit a major career milestone is another occasion to present a plaque of appreciation. People put their blood, sweat and tears into their careers and promotions are never guaranteed. When that special moment arrives they have reason to celebrate and they want you to celebrate with them. Being successful in a career is one benchmark that most people use to evaluate their life and legacy. You can see why when you consider how much time is spent at work rather than at home.

Third, recognizing someone with a plaque of appreciation when they perform exceptional community service for an important cause. How many special people do you know that spend their time helping to make the world a better place? Probably too many to count and they are devoted to helping less fortunate people find relief. They are the real champions in life. They don’t do it for any other reason then because they deeply care for their neighbors. They will not accept financial contributions that directly benefit them but are likely to graciously receive a plaque of appreciation.

Ponder for a moment why plaques of appreciation are so significant to most people. They build positive experiences and solidify key life moments for them.

Think about how your work might change for the better if your boss took the time to laud your efforts. This does not happen in every work place. You will always find outstanding bosses that use plaques of appreciation to motivate their teams. They unleash the productive power in their people by rewarding them for achieving important company goals.

A plaque does not have to be expensive to touch a persons heart. It is truly the thought that counts. There are countless opportunities you have every day to let people know they are valued. When you see outstanding performance go unrecognized then write it down. Take the final step and tell them you saw what they did and give them a plaque to say Thank You.

Keep in mind that you can use plaques of appreciation for almost any occasion. Stop for a moment and take inventory of all the people that contribute to your well being. Think about the joy and gladness they bring to your life. When was the last time you showed them in a tangible way how important they were to you? It is time to take action on this important matter before any more time slips away. Give them a plaque of appreciation when they least expect it. You will be happy that you made that decision!

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