11 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

It is not hard to get started with applying chinese feng shui to your home. You will at least need to know the basics and then slowly climb up to the more difficult levels of feng shui. There are some helpful tips that will help you get started with good feng shui living.

1. Eliminate all the clutter that is in the home. Rid yourself of all the things you do not love. Removing these items makes a place for new opportunities and physical items to come in to your life. Clutter is defined as anything that is not used, not organized, not resolved or not finished. This can symbolize an unresolved issue.

2. Open the windows in your home often. This gives you good quality air and light. For good feng shui, these are two elements are a necessity.

3. Study the five elements of feng shui. This will help you balance the elements in your home and strengthen certain feng shui elements.

4. Repair any items in your home that may be broken. It is bad feng shui to have anything in the home that does not work.

5. Energize the wealth sector of your home. This is located at the south east corner. Place green plants there since green energy is a symbol for money.

6. Create a sanctuary that is inviting. Does your bedroom give a reflection of who you are? It is not just a room where you sleep. If it is a relationship you seek, set the tone for one.

7. Remove the television from your room. It affects both your relationship as well as your sleep. It gives a vibrant energy making sleep a little less relaxing. A television in the bed room also takes your attention from your partner.

8. Place a water fountain in your home. Set it in an area that is favorable to attract the things you want in your life.

9. Do not over load the kitchen with red since it is already an element of fire.

10. Get an outlook on art. Artwork is an enhancement in creating your life. A single woman should not have a picture of a lonely woman walking on the beach. Instead put pictures or images of pairs of things to strengthen relationship energy.

11. Nurture your relationship with yourself. Treat yourself like the prince or princess you are. The one your future partner will fall in love with.

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